Capture your message in its perfect form.

Nothing drives growth like a clear and compelling message. The impact is immediate,
outshining competition, converting customers and boosting every aspect of your marketing.
Only 20% of web visitors will read the majority of the text but 80% will watch a video (Forrester research).

Video Video Video Video Video Video

"The video immediately transformed our biz dev and boosted growth. Everyone now gets the message perfectly. It had such a big impact we redesigned our website around it, and commissioned another video for a new service."
Andrew Anderson, Celaton.

"Everybody loves the video and I think it achieves our objectives perfectly."
Patrick Cresswell, The Institute of Structural Engineers

"Clarity took our complex message and made it
brilliantly clear, simple and powerful. When people see
our videos they immediately understand our advantage, and they know we're a sharp, innovative company.
Sean Bowen, CEO, Push technology

"Clarity are perfectionists and the video is excellent. It's by far the most effective thing we have to get our message across."
Chris Bedford-Gay, Friends of Oliver

We are happy to keep tweaking at every stage, as we want everyone on your team to
love the video. We enjoy setting new stands and making each video the very best its kind.
First we draft the scipt with visual notes and tweak as necessary until everyone's happy.
Next we create one or two high quality images showing exactly how the video will look.
We then create the storyboard with basic sketches illustrating all the key visuals.
Finally, we go into production, and send you the video in sections, so we can make tweaks along the way.
We are happy to provide initial ideas at no cost. We can advise on messaging, potential visual styles and narrative ideas.
While higher budgets allow for more sophisticated visuals and we love to push the boundaries, we can produce a very compelling video on a limited budget.
If you like our ideas, there is a small deposit for the script, storyboard and art samples (high quality images showing exactly what the video will look like).
We enjoy crafting world class videos and always go the extra mile to ensure everyone's delighted with the result.
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