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Explainer videos that drive growth.

"The video immediately transformed our biz dev and boosted growth. Everyone now gets the message perfectly. It had such a big impact we redesigned our website around it, and commissioned another video for a new service."
Andrew Anderson, Celaton

“We did an international search for the best video firm... The video is brilliant - very compelling and visually impressive. It's more than a sales pitch - it's a story that makes a strong connection with hospital staff and engages everyone who sees it. Comments have been universally positive from staff, customers and partners around the world... They were a pleasure to work with.”
Andy Ellwood, Lincor

"Clarity took our complex message and made it brilliantly clear, simple and powerful. When people see our videos they immediately understand our advantage, and they know we're a sharp, innovative company.”
Sean Bowen, CEO, Push technology

"Clarity are perfectionists and the video is excellent. It's by far the most effective thing we have to get our message across."
Chris Bedford-Gay, Friends of Oliver

"Everybody loves the video and I think it achieves our objectives perfectly."
Patrick Cresswell, The Institute of Structural Engineers

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Why explainer videos are so effective.

What’s driving the rapid global rise of animated marketing videos?

Only 20% of web visitors will read the majority of the text but 80% will watch a video (Forrester Research).

Adding a video to your website makes it 6 times more likely to convert a browser to a paying customer (Forrester Research).

Cognitive psychology shows that stimulating both auditory and visual senses increases retention by around 58%.

Videos are 53 times more likely to appear on Google’s first page (Forrester Research).

Website visitors who view videos stay two minutes longer on the site on an average (Comscore).

YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine after Google. When people type your keywords, it’s a great opportunity to make a strong introduction.

Animated videos are highly sharable (far more than a web page for example).

Most importantly, an animated corporate video gives you complete creative freedom to capture your perfect message.

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