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How animated video articles can quickly boost your search rankings

A video is 53 times more likely to appear on googles first page of organic search results than a traditional web page (Forrester Research). Google prioritises videos, pushing other search results down to make space for them at the top. So creating a video article is a great way to leapfrog your competitors and secure top spots for high volume search terms that drive a lot of new business.

The sales process usually starts with research via google - a search for information and advice. Providing this advice in video form is helpful, valued and an ideal introduction.

And videos can reach top positions on google far more quickly than web sites, as google puts much less emphasis on the age and history of videos.

Ideally, the video should not be directly about your company, but a video article, providing insight and answers that people are searching for. Your product or service should be briefly referenced as a solution within a wider narrative.

News sites and blogs love informative, engaging videos, because their readers love them. And if the video is posted to some high profile sites, it will accelerate its rise up the search engine rankings.

The great thing about this is it’s not cheating (black hat seo) - it’s giving people what they want - engaging, helpful material. Google is right to prioritise great videos, because people value them. Aligning with this is a fast and effective way to reach people while they’re looking for relevant products or solutions.