New parallax web design, branding and video for this global series of events.
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The Hyperloop

1200km/h. San Francisco to LA in 35 mins.

3D animation unfolds as you scroll down the homepage at

Freedom to be ambitious and brilliant.


16th Mar 2015

new york

21st Sep 2015





New awards were designed for each event.
The new map marker logo icon represents collaboration and progress.

Build New York Live

Reshape the skyline and win coveted awards.

The 48hr virtual design collaboration.

Starts mid-day EDT, 21st Sept 2015.

Open to worldwide online participation.

Register now at

We designed the above ad for the New York event.

"I don't think anyone comes close to Clarity for quality. They boiled down our message into something very clear and effective and the visual design is way ahead of the field." Nathan Doughty, Asite.